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5am GmbH
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One thing we’ve learned from our years within growing startups is that throwing more people at a problem rarely hastens solving it.

We keep our team intentionally small, bringing on only those with the skills, experience and enthusiasm required to create real impact — both for our business, and for yours.

Our latest


A digital place where taboos are broken and stigmas do not exist. A place where important topics are treated as such. A place where we listen to people.

What started as the idea of a "5AM Magazine" turned out to be so much more than this.


We're creating Brands, websites and products.

Before getting into what makes 5AM unique, we want to immediately echo what's common sense of what we're doing. Even if we personally feel it undersells that. It can be tempting to lean into aspirational-yet-vague language about innovative change and digital experiences that make it seem like we can do anything and everything, but you probably don’t tend to think in those terms — so neither should we.

Welcome to the company

While we like to do things our own way, nobody can do it all by themselves. 5AM believes in building ongoing partnerships based on trust, and in contributing our ideas and work to the open source community. When we do honest work, good word spreads, and we can all build ever-greater things.

We would love to welcome you in our headquarters or hangout-calls.

Early stage, early mind. No Agency.

5AM is so much more than yet another digital marketing agency. Though some of our services might implement that. We approach each partnership with a mindset closer to that of an internal team than an external agency, digging deep into the needs of each company and their customers before we begin building anything.

Conception & Strategy

Starting early means getting involved as soon as possible. Clients usually ask us to jump in and deliver output as soon as possible. We've tried and never really turned out happy. That's why we don't rush in. We take our time to research, understand, plan and then go straight to work.


Design is many things. It’s communication, it’s art, and it’s a way to solve problems and understand the world. It’s everywhere, all the time—even in the most unrecognizable places.

At 5AM we are convinced that good design can drive business. When we're designing it's all about one sentence:

Less, but better.

& Realization

We're building websites and e-commerce solutions that drive traffic, engagement, and conversion.

Furthermore, we  print, stick, glue, sketch - everything to bring your project into live.

& Social Media

Usually our job isn't done when launching a new brand.

From analysing traffic channels to content creation and curation.

We combine brand stewardship with science and execution to deliver conversion-focused marketing solutions.

Last but not least, our task is to use scientific metrics to track and analyze campaign performance. This helps us easily identify what worked and what did not, we then initiate new strategies to maximize your business goals.